Sunday, March 28, 2010

Booty Buttcheeks (c) The Boondocks

Below is Erykah Badu's video for her newest single Window Seat it has caused quite a stir... I chose the tag of this post because Erykah's derriere is what has gotten the most attention... instead of the video's powerful message... Check it out below.

The Wanda Sykes parody... That is Erykah sitting next to her and she found the parody pretty entertaining lol.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

If you’re enough lucky to be Irish, you’re lucky enough! (c) Irish Song

Well, these surfaced overseas a few days after St. Patty's Day... So maybe they're Celtic's inspired? Hmmm, anyway, I love green so I'm down... Those that know me know that I'm not particularly an avid fan of dunks. In fact, I only have three pair... Nike has been rather uncreative and dull with the colorways for the past few years... But me likey these! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


I bet you think this song is about you... Eh, you're probably right! :-p

Artist: Senses Fail
Song Title: Calling Cars

Lyrics I loveeeeee:
So will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?
I kept my word when I swore that I would let you down.
(And now that I'm gone) Try to forget me and just move on.
So will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?
I kept my word and you hate me for it now,
(But you knew all along) Try to forget me and just move on.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I gotta go/I gotta leave (c) Vivian Green

For those that don't know Little Brother announced that they would be releasing their final album that is entitled LeftBack :(. I know, I know I too am traumatized but give the album sampler HERE a spin let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do Better Wednesdays!

So this week we have a DBW nomination from your favorite guest blogger Abu!!! Enjoy! :)

The Rise of The Fonzworth Bentley Douche!!!
(lawyer by day, black socialite by night!!)

dun dun, dun dun duuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Scene: November 2008. A glorious Barack Hussein Obama takes his place amongst a raucous crowd in Chicago, Illinois. His opponent, John McCoo...I mean McCain has just conceded defeat. Many say that this moment was a culmination of the blood, sweat, and tears set forth by the sufferings of a downtrodden people. Sacrifices of soul and even life by the likes of Malcolm X, W.E.B. Dubois, and Dr. Martin Luther (tha) King Jr. I say, “no way”. The source of the Obamhemian’s, (walk with me, I’m trying out new nicknames for the President), power came from the one group that supported BHO since day 321, after the Iowa Caucus when they thought he may have a chance to win. The standard bearer for what is seemingly “right” with black folk, (according to their own world), the spirit of what a mind is when it is not wasted terribly, The Walking Epitome of “Obamabot”, the one, the only....”Fonzworth Bentley” douche!!!!

The Fonzworth Bentley Douche walks amongst us all. He’s your brother that went to Morehouse, your sister that went to Spelman, your cousin that attends Ohio State law school, yo’ potna out of SMU. Black Collegiate Ga..I mean, some members of nationally recognized historically black fraternities and sororities, you are included too. Even Cousin Jeff, Stephen A. Smith, and Roland Martin lay claim to this prestige fraternity.

I know what many of you are thinking. “What is this fool talking about? What exactly is a Fonzworth Bentley douche?”. I enlisted the help of my favorite magazine, GQ, to help me out with just this description.

“Is it possible to be in the International Leadership Program while also being president of Alpha Phi Alpha while also getting all militant about the white power structure while also promoting a biweekly hip-hop showcase? Yes? Then you're just barely keeping up with the status quo at Morehouse—good luck getting into Yale Law!

Affectations: Yellow V-neck sweater with orange-and-blue bow tie; box-seat double date to Coldplay show at Philips Arena.

Most likely to: Be a lawyer by day, black socialite by night.”

(waiting for gasps to subside). Yes, many of you have either come in contact with, or met this exact douchebag. And if you are in denial of this person’s existence, then you my friend, are that douchebag. But never fret, I am here to help you all and set the record straight on how to identify and deal with this concerning epidemic that has swept our communities.

This nuisance’s form is very subtle. There are a couple of common factors in identifying the FB douche, no it’s not clothing although I am seeing a trend of cardigan sweaters, skinny jeans, flannel shirts, and bow ties popping up in correlation with our subject. The main identifier of this clan is a college education and the aroma of entitlement that has seemingly come with it. Many of the FB douches believe that their degree has given them knowledge beyond their years. They feel that critical thought is but an obstacle in the way of what is truly important: looking right more so than actually being right. All the FB douche has to do, is sound righteous, say a bible quote, and have three friends that co-sign and wa-lah, they are correct in their ways. Proof be damned! Their degree is a virtual skeleton’s key into the myriad of subject matter that the world has to offer, from politics, to sports; bio-molecular engineering, to economics, this former political science major knows it all! A virtual Leonardo Da Vinci, in the many aspects of life they “know”.

You darn right, “stack dat cheese”. In the eyes of the FB douche, “we all need to do better” BET, the hood, and Vh1 included, eventhough they continually watch both television networks faithfully and never graced the hood in their collective lives. “Keeping it real” is so much of a priority that by watching rap videos, and hearing about “the struggle” from their friends, the FB douche convinces themselves into a want to move to the “hood” and live amongst people, whom he/she never interacted with in life. Or, worse yet, live in the suburbs and actually come to the hood and try to kick it! Now that’s keeping it gangsta! (well until you get your graduation gift broken into or become impregnated by big mookie from Stone Road, who hasn’t had a job since been had a job).

The FB douche feels that by dressing nice, being involved in black only campus activities, and dialoguing to death, the world will become a better place.

Forget the fact that a degree is only a door opener and what you do once you’re inside that door depends on you, the FB douche believes that the more degrees you get, the more of the building you own regardless of effort.

It is the FB douche that can impressively tweet the state of the union play by play and the BET Awards all on one blackberry, but yet never read a newspaper about current events not pertaining to Obama. It is the FB douche that can join organizations galore and show that they do have the capacity to be multi-faceted but yet counteract that by only joining groups that are within the same social realm. It is the FB douche, who can be the most divisive to their own people that they claim to want to “help” by continuing look down upon and talk about the people in those very hoods but never take the opportunity to actually talk to those who are in the struggle as opposed to assuming that “their plight is of their own fault”. It is these very same souls who have mocked those who chose to walk in their own skin and collude with all walks of life regardless of skin tone because in fact, that is how the world really works. It is the Fonzworth Bentley douche that “has to do better”......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wish America had universal health care (c) Edo G

Sorry, Edo G... Keep wishing... But things are definitely happening in regards to health care in the US...

So unless you were under a rock you know that the health care bill has passed... I found a LOT of interesting correspondence on this... One of the most interesting articles that I've read this far you can find HERE.. It discusses how the health care bill could possibly affect communities of color...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Imagine how much you can get done if you eliminated social networking sites from your routine ... (c) J. Yon

Though I myself am a compulsive tweeter I definitely could appreciate that my fav coon Abu was saying in the post below, though I am saddened by his decision to leave the twitter world, I respect him taking the necessary steps to make himself a more productive individual... I MISS YOU COON BU! Is social networking hindering you? Check out my friends take on such activities below....


“nah nah nah, nah. nah nah nah, nah. hey hey hey. goo-ood byyyyeeeeeeeeee” (Jay-Z voice)

(Nappy fro frock, black horn rimmed glasses, five o’clock shadow) awh, awh!

(scene: Press Conference. A room of about 75-80 people. In front row sits, my mother, my two little brothers, @jeorgiaQue, @kiarafaith. @BlackDelRio, @ainslee6s the one who introduced me to twitter. @iamnotajerk, @KNGSRW. My blog sister @hurtmeezysoul. “the league” @HeSoNoble_s @MrRiddickulous (ly long twitter name). @SunSunSunny @SamIsTruth. Political advisor @ldot and many more twitter dignitaries to numerous to mention, (and many of whom I could not possibly remember. @thegreatone1 approaches the podium.)

*clears throat* Thank you all for attending this press conference in such short notice. I am going to try to keep this as brief and to the point as humanly possible and allow you to move on in the RT of life. There has been much speculation to my whereabouts and apparent absence from twitter and in life in general (which is strange considering I still have viable means of communication on my person at all time.)

There have been many rumors out there that have ranged from “me taking a break” to “giving up twitter for lent” to even the infamous “me being kidnapped by Al Queda and being forced to wear Reebok and Adidas gear”. The outpour of concern has been tremendous during this time from what I am hearing from various sources. I am humbled to say the very least and before I make my announcements on my whereabouts I would like to say Thank you to you all. (crickets crickets). I am truly humbled by the support of my 36 followers, the subsequent 52 followers that RT me and all other observers of the “Legend of ‘bu”. With that being said, here is what you all have been waiting for..(cameras flashing....*dramatic pause* *clears throat*)

I am formally announcing my abrupt retirement from twitter and the subsequent release of the name @thegreatone1 and all of it’s subsidiaries. (*gasp, gasp* *flash bulb pops.* *crowd mumbling* *baby crying* *more flash*).

(waits for crowd to settle)

(holds back tears)

Although it hurts my heart to do so, I must move on from this world I created for myself in this short amount of time. A world that was helped, in part by the participation of you, my followers. “The funny” that was created by myself could not have been possible without you. Now many asks, “what does leaving twitter have to do with growth? It’s not, or shouldn’t be, that serious”. If that was a sentiment truly shared I don’t believe that you would be at this imaginary press conference right now, but I digress. #shotsfired

This is serious in my growth because I took note of something during my 1st absence in November of ’09: Each time I took seconds, and even in some cases, minutes, to come up with a clever one liner about Mr. White Man, or a Music Monday that was so obscure that only an old disc jockey could remember, I was taking time and creative energy away from doing something more productive with my ideas and thoughts. There were individual processes in my life that needed my mind’s energy and attention more so than 140 characters of mindless dribble. And trust folks, using your mind at any time for any purpose, even in jest, takes mental energy. Test my theory before you cluelessly blurt out an uneducated response please. While I was taking time to pull out my blackberry to talk about the big heauxs to my left, I could’ve taken that same time to walk over and talk to the young lady to the right of me. Or I could’ve been using that same 76 seconds on writing out my thoughts on possible ways to improve my savings rate. Little things like that. You’re only aloud but so much energy in a given period of time. I want to make the best use of mine.

What was also being loss was patience when reading some of the people I follow. Granted, twitter is for the masses, to be enjoyed by all. Yes, even the “squares”. However, twitter just became repetitive and unoriginal even down to the trending topics and the play by play of *insert award show here*. What was beginning to fade was the creativity and excitement that I once looked forward to everytime I hit refresh. Yes my tweet hand swung sckrong, however I needed to be entertained as well and I wasn’t. It became wack trending topic here, emo tweet there. “You spelled a word wrong on twitter” here and “such and such is not with Obama, he racist” there. It seemed as though the more and more I hit refresh, the more and more the evidence of critical thought became extinct. It began to become pointless.

But I got what I asked for, it’s only 140 characters. Which brings me to my next point. The beginning of the end, which was how serious people took twitter. To me twitter should’ve been a fun place for social exchange instead of a pissing contest among those who wish to gain cool points in cyber world. You even had people not talking to each other off of what was said on twitter, you had threats typed through I-Phones for the world to see, thus creating the “tweet gangsta”. Everyone from comedians, to faux rappers, kufi poets, and blackberry philosophers giving their two cents about every subject under the sun without conviction even if they know nothing about the subject. Nothing is wrong with expression if you are willing to accept criticism and some argument for your opinion without calling someone a “hater” (default black word) or a jack ass, or worse, unfollowing them! *gasp*. From what I was seeing, twitter was creating cyber egos due to the amount of people that could “follow” and “cosign” the same things that they said and it became more apparent on my timeline daily. (note, don’t even come close to grouping me with the tweet egos. thanks a bunch).

Most importantly though, I felt that it was important for me to work on the time honored tradition of interpersonal communication which is becoming lost in our society. The art of “Hi, how are you doing?” is dying. With the advent of the internet, cellphones, and whatever other modern trappings you can think of, the world has become a place where things are becoming easier, but yet less personal. I am more than just a few characters and I would like for you to know that in person or even through my writings where I am allowed to waste about a page or three on twitter, instead of breaking up messages piece by piece until 15 tweets later....well, voila, you have my point. Twitter confined my wittiness and quick nature. It made me less talkative in public than what I already was, (which was minimal at best). Twitter was my security blanket during socially awkward times (as I told many before, I was texting no one, I either was on twitter or bubble breaker). The art of conversing was becoming lost with me and my creative nature was leaving right with it. So, to my old friend twitter, I say adieu. We had fantastic times indeed, but your child has grown into a man, and must do as men do. I will miss our child like innocence and long for the remembrance of those feelings, but these are the things that men do. We grow... #moremantears

Take care Tweetnesses (evil voice laugh) #tebowtear #nowplaying #ipodflow #yallniggaswannatrymecomewitit #stackdatcheese #remix #stackmocheese #poundinfrontofeverythingisay

And finally...


*reporters as for questions* *I walk toward the back interest.* hug my momma, hug my brothers, turn around, wave at the crowd, opens doors*

*Hiram Jerome Schwartz, Abu’s lawyer steps in to answer questions*

“All questions for my client can positioned toward myself or his e-mail

“No, he is not coming back”

“He is not on drugs”

“No, he is not a sex addict, (allegedly)

“No, no sir, there is not a deal in place with facebook or myspace”

“He stil dislikes the ‘I-Phonies’ but does have pMessenger, so you can contact him on there.”

“Mr. Whiteman is in total shock and from what I am told could not be consoled”

“We don’t really know what my clients next moves are, we were in discussions with the hurtmeezysoul blog and will be contact with Coonsrowe, I mean Kingsrowe on possible blog contributions, but my client really just wants to rest and go to the batcave”

“Alright that’s enough questions, thank you all for coming out”

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has sprung (c) Lew Duffey

Well yesterday was the first day of Spring... and it got me kind of excited. Though it isn't warm yet in Chicago I can't stop myself from looking at fun Spring things :). If you aren't aware I loveeeee spring! You'll rarely catch me in kicks when spring rolls around... I'm all about strappy sandals, boat shoes, etc... Spring is the opportunity to let my girlie/prep side shine lol. I get to wear cute lil dresses and ditch my least fav clothing item in the worlddddd (the coat) lol. So, if you're trying to get on my good side, buy me one of the things below ;-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Catch a Predator (c) MSNBC/Chris Hansen

New Trailer for Predators! It looks promising... It is supposed to come out on my BDAY!!! Every year I go see a movie on my b-day... will Predators be with this years selection?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Artist: Elton John
Song Title: I Want Love

I am not just posting this music vid because Robert Downey Jr. is in it... I just love what Elton is saying in it... I FEEL HIM! Lol.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chess is such a difficult game/There's so many pieces/So many squares where you can go/So few promises (c) Rivers Cuomo

Those that know me know that I love chess... BUT, those that know me also know that if I can't master something... I quickly lose interest... and getting 2nd place in the chess tournament in middle school totally ruined my drive lol. Anyway, below are some extra nerdy chess sets that I wouldn't mind having in my home... perhaps they'll renew my interest :)




Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So the Tea party-ers were out on Capital Hill protesting the passage of Healthcare reform (as usual). However, this time members of Congress were being called faggot and nigger, and some were even spit on. Representative James Clyburn said he had not witnessed such treatment since he was leading civil rights protests in South Carolina in the 1960s. SMH. We gotta do better.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Most people that fear change are unhappy (c) Rocky Knuckles

STL STAND UP!!! I'm so proud of my city... I know without a doubt that the Lou is well represented at SXSW this year... God what I wouldn't give to be there. NO EXCUSES, I will be there in 2011. Check out Rockwell Knuckles' latest mixtape before you head to TX

TSS x 2DBz x Trackstar The DJ Present Rockwell Knuckles - Choose Your Own Adventure by TheSmokingSection

Download it HERE

Monday, March 15, 2010

We will rise (c) Kenna

New video! Lupe ft. Kenna... Ressurection

Check out Summit on the Summit HERE if you aren't familiar... I watched the show yesterday on MTV... it's pretty much amazing, and the story is so powerful!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ya boy Conan doesn't have a show anymore (c) Carol Ann

My Mom loves to rub in my face the fact that Jay Leno is still on the air and Conan is not... I dunno why she's so into his show... Maybe she's intrigued by the excessive number of denim button downs that he owns... I'll never know... Anyway, CONAN IS GOING ON TOUR!! I am so excited! Be sure to get your tics soon... I was going to get meet and greet passes... but unfortunately I don't have $695 to spend, and even if I did... I wouldn't... That price is pure BLASPHEMY!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boomshakalaka! (c) NBA JAM

So the NBA Jam trailer was just released.... WOOT WOOT! My lil bro and I were all about this game... Hopefully it doesn't disappoint. I will be getting it for my Wii... It'll probably be my first game on it and I've had it since Christmas.. smh

Friday, March 12, 2010


Artist: Big Sean
Song Title: Streets on Lock

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Switch! (c) TLC

I love this! I definitely will be doing this with a hoodie in the near future...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Melinda Dennehy

Melinda, a High School English teacher in New Hampshire and mother of two got caught sexting... I mean, that's not all that taboo nowadays right? Yeah, unless... you're sexting with your STUDENTS. Yup, you read right. Ms. Dennehy got caught sending nudie pics to her students with her vajayjay and boobies exposed... She was released on bail and charged with a felony count of indecent exposure... NO MORE SEXTING! You will get got! Lol

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When was it that time fell into its spiralling loop? (c) Final Fantasy


Though I did pre order the game for PS3 because I thought that I would have one by now... I do not have one, so I had to instead get my fix by having my friend put me on speaker phone while he played... Yes, like a crack fiend... via skype I saw that the graphics are AMAZING and I hear that the storyline is even more incredible... I'm so excited that the lead character is female, and from what I can see... She is GANGSTER! *SIGH* I wish I knew someone in the Chi that would let me use them for 3 or so weeks... lol

This sets black people back years... (c) Black people everywhere

I couldn't even get through this whole thing... While I'm disappointed in Adult Swim for thinking this was acceptable/entertaining... I'm even more upset at the artists/entertainers that loaned their voices to this nonsense....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Everyone come see how good I look (c) Anchorman

So Jimmy Kimmel had this AMAZING skit called the "Handsome Men's Club" that was nothing short of amazing... Watch below... Thank me later! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Now usually I don't do this... (c) Kels

Now those that know me know I am not a fan of many women's kicks... But I LOVE ME SOME DENIM... Soooo....Nike 6.0 WMNS Dunk Hi Dragon Red... whenever you release... Will you please be mine?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense... (c) Alice

...Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

So everyone that knows me knows that I'm obsessed with Tim Burton (so sad that I can't go to his exhibit at MoMA... I wish I had friends that were as down for ridiculousness as me so that I didn't have to bare all the expenses lol), and I have been waiting for this movie to come out FORR EEVVV ERRR (c) The Sandlot... Not because I thought that it would be a cinematic masterpiece... (I mean Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was disappointment enough) but mostly because I just loveeeee the look of Tim Burtons films... They're so dark and dreary, but so yet so lively... such visual contradictions and I love the goth undertones... Anyway, the movie was ok... It suffered a lil plot-wise... HELENA BONHAM CARTER totally upstaged Johnny Depp which was a pleasant surprise... between the White Queen's floating hands and Professor Snape... I mean Absolum the Blue Caterpillar lol I was thoroughly entertained... The wardrobe ROCKED and I LOVED the way Stayne seemed to move in freeze frame motions... Anywho, enough with the nerd I've read too many film books so I am too into the meticulous aspects of a film review... The score was AMAZING! Danny Elfman did it again.... Sheez! Well, if you can't tell already I'm uber biased, so go see it for yourself! :-p

*Mia is the name of the actress that played Alice in real life... coincidence? I think not... The character and I have striking similarities lol

Just because I like torture...

Friday, March 5, 2010


Artist: The Emotions
Song Title: Best of My Love

Just how I'm feelin nowadays :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The agony and the irony they're killin me... (c) Harvey Danger

Roy Ashburn

(State Senator R-California) was arrested for drunk driving while leaving a gay night club. Sure, this isn't that big of a story after all there are more and more politicians coming out of the closet as of lately.... However, Ashburn was not one of the politicians that was out of the closet as of yet. In fact, Roy has very stringent views when it comes to gay rights laws and is well known as an opponent of gay rights... Just sad... What ever happened to standing for what you ACTUALLY believe in?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So twitter was crazyyyy yesterday night! Everyone was tweeting about an alleged sextape that was filmed in a FAMU (Florida A&M University) dorm room. I tried to watch, but it was just too nas nas for me... Well, needless to say this caused an uproar... To think that college students were hosting orgies in dorm rooms was just unreal.... Not to mention the stigma that is already associated with HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), as them being "lesser than" and those that graduate from them with an undergraduate degree aren't able to compete with students that went to other universities when applying to graduate schools that are not HBCU's.

Well, after speculation all day of whether or not the tape was real it was finally ruled as a fraud. Turns out the "students" were competing for a $10,000 cash prize on a website called

One of the girls on the tape had (it's gone now) a twitter page (@PRINCESSKEKE562)... She tweeted things such as:

@beeuamazing THANK U ...CAN U SAY IT AGAIN SO THE HATERS CAN HEAR U// LOL IM IN MY BIG ASS HOUSE LMAO @ THESE DUMB *BROKE BITCHES* 13 minutes ago via web in reply to beeuamazing


@REALFAMUSEXTAPE lmao its funny to kno sumbody would make a twitt page of my movie lol i love the H.A.T.E.R.S & FAN/ SUPPORTERS ..... about 1 hour ago via web in reply to REALFAMUSEXTAPE

$10,000 split between like 6 people is gonna have you in a big @$$ house..? Oh poor thing... maybe PrincessKeke562 some use some FAMU accounting classes... smh. This was totally irresponsible. Defaming the school and the students who have worked so hard to matriculate there. We really need to do better...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To be loved.... Oh, what a feeling (c) Coming to America

... I know that's not where the original quote came from... but whenever I hear that song that is what I think of... I came across this card my bestest friend sent me while cleaning and it was right on time because I was feeling quite blah...

I'm feelin like posting some lyrics today lol.

I am heaven sent/Don't you dare forget/I am all you've ever wanted/What all the other girls are promised/Sorry I told./I just needed you to know.

Oh, the good girl/guy's anthem.... SHOUTOUT TO ROB LOVELL!! This was our SONG back in '03 (gotta love Freshman year in Stradley... 6th floor wha wha?!?!?!) I'm slowly becoming the old me again and no longer feeling sorry for myself... I'm "a catch" right Meezy's minions? This blog is becoming more personal than I expected... any who... Thanks for reading! Have I told you that I loved you today? :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Everything's fine today, that is our illusion. (c) Voltaire

So a GAP store in Canada turned everything "upside down" in the store in a matter of 12 hours... Not really sure why they decided to do this... but it's pretty cool right?