Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lets groove tonight (c) Earth Wind and Fire

Last night I enjoyed a grown and sexy dinner with my soRHOrs Brandi and Nneka! We went to Wildfire in downtown Chi and it was COMPLETELY orgasmic. I fell in love for a brief moment with our waiter who we named Arnie (I honestly don't remember his real name). He bought the girls' drinks, attempted to give me his number several times AND gave me a birthday cake... (my b-day is June 7th btw I don't know HOW he figured it was my b-day.) Needless to say it was a night filled with constant laughter!

A recap of the evening via twitter lol

Hahahaha RT @brwngldngodess: Where r my panties? *dead* @HurtMEEZYSoul n @thepRHOfessor <--- My response when Brandi (@brwngldngodess) said she might go to sleep on the train after ONE drink... I told you I didn't want her waking up at the last stop on the El talkin about "Where are my panties?" Mind you she isn't a heavy drinker and has only been drunk once lol

Drinks on ARNIE!! #ftw @brwngldngodess @HurtMEEZYSoul <---- Arnie (our waiter) paid for Brandi and Nneka's dranks... and my sprite lol

Apparently its @HurtMEEZYSoul birthday(no its not)... Eat the cake!

RT @HurtMEEZYSoul: My martini tingles when it goes dwn, whats that mean (c)@brwngldngodess. It means you're a lightweight (c) @thepRHOfessor

Man those were some hearty pieces of broccoli too! -@thepRHOfessor lol @HurtMEEZYSoul<----Nneka's response to being too full to eat the broccoli and having to throw it away

So what your bday is in june! @HurtMEEZYSoul Arnie says it's 2day lmaoooo! @thepRHOfessor

My "birthday" cake

The "infamous" chocolate martini

My boo Arnie... Nneka tried to sneak and get a pic of him but forgot her flash was on... So she could only snap his back :-/