Monday, October 19, 2009

When you first had sex, were you happy or confused or both or what? (c) Spike Jonze

Kanye West and Spike Jonze's short 11 minute film entitled Welcome to Heartbreak was leaked yesterday... Even though it was supposed to go on sale on itunes sometime in September... Watch it while you can below.

A convo a friend and I had last night on what we think it's about...

J: i SO did not get that film! lol

Me: I dunno...I kind of took it as Kanye "ridding himself of his demons" by putting them to rest (I.e. killing them)

J: wow..idk HOW i missed that one lol..pretty obvious once u said that sluh english teachers would b pissed

Me: hahahaha. Darn private school kids... LAME.

J: u know i've never been challenged like that to make my own understanding from art since high school..but that u explained the obvious meaning i like the video

Me: I dunno if I'm a guess

J: naw..i think that's definitely what it kinda looked at him like "u gotta go"

Me: Oh poor Yeezy..I hope he kills that demon lol

J: yeah..needs to

Me: Maybe I'll watch it again tomorrow and analyze it again..Piano Sonata No. 14 at the end... that song will always give me chills :)
... ten minutes later...
Me: Ooooh I've got another analysis... He's kind of acting child-like
so maybe the demon was representing his inner child or something
and he was trying to kill that part of him... You know, how children have a constant need for attention... and go to crazy lengths to be noticed. And...Children have nightmares... lol. Or maybe that was Kanye acting drunk... he still seems to be resembling the speech patterns and actions of a child though... hmmm, bah well... I'm done.

What do YOU think the film was about? COMMENT.