Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Gotta Do Better Wednesday!

Mr. Johnson, former Phoenix Suns point guard and current Mayor of Sacramento has been receiving some negative press lately for his alleged misuse of Americorps money... To the tune of 400,000+ dollars. How is this possible you ask? Well, in the Americorps program an individual is supposed to work with an organization to combat poverty. It's basically volunteer work except the individual that is accepted is offered a very modest living stipend... But they have to be in some way, shape or form working to fight poverty. Mr. Johnson is accused of having the Americorps volunteer clean his car, pick up his dry cleaning and pick up his lunch.... I'm pretty sure those things couldn't pass as unconventional ways to combat poverty.... Come on Kevin!

To my people in leadership positions, they ALREADY expect us to not be legit...Lets work on proving them wrong. WE GOTTA DO BETTER.


JessalaineJessalaine said...

I'm currently a VISTA (The Americorps project he misused) and I would've told homie absolutely not the first time he asked me to do that...I wish one of my bosses would come at me with something like that...I will be on the phone with the state directors in a HEART beat