Monday, August 31, 2009

Boats and Hoes (c) Step Brothers

I love boat shoes...I love Vans. However, I can't say I would have guessed that the two would have blended so well. Below we have four versions of the Vans Vault Del Barco LX. No pricing... Sowwie, but be expecting these to hit stores sometime this month :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's my mutha f*&#n name? (c) JIGGA

Mr. Shawn Carter who rarely does interviews allowed himself to be put in the hot seat by Bill Maher for a special episode of Real Time with Bill Maher... I was relieved that it wasn't the typical interview that consists of the same boring questions...Bill Maher asked some relevant things, and he (or his writers) did some research when it came to Jay-Z's music repetoire... lol

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Saturday, August 29, 2009

In they spitfire shirts and SB dunks (c) Lu

I just love the colors blue, gold, red, and white together. This shoe is stellar... And I like very few SB low's... Thank you Eric Koston for creating this rendition of the SB dunk. This shoe should hit stores within the next few months. I might have to introduction these to the collection :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


Artist: Atmosphere
Song Title: Modern Mans Hustle

Slug loves me! I have a shirt that says so :-p. This song is greattttttt. LISTEN NOW, thank me later :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Man With One Red Shoe (c) Robert Klane

Those that know me know that I have never been a huge fan of the color red... But I AM a HUGE fan of all things velcro, so for the Nike Sportswear Blazer AC High LE I might have to make an exception. I don't know anything about a release or a price for this shoe. In fact, I read somewhere that it's available at a few sneaker shops already... HOWEVER, there is supposed to be a wider release for the shoe sometime later this year. I'll be waiting...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Gotta Do Better Wednesday!

Mr. Johnson, former Phoenix Suns point guard and current Mayor of Sacramento has been receiving some negative press lately for his alleged misuse of Americorps money... To the tune of 400,000+ dollars. How is this possible you ask? Well, in the Americorps program an individual is supposed to work with an organization to combat poverty. It's basically volunteer work except the individual that is accepted is offered a very modest living stipend... But they have to be in some way, shape or form working to fight poverty. Mr. Johnson is accused of having the Americorps volunteer clean his car, pick up his dry cleaning and pick up his lunch.... I'm pretty sure those things couldn't pass as unconventional ways to combat poverty.... Come on Kevin!

To my people in leadership positions, they ALREADY expect us to not be legit...Lets work on proving them wrong. WE GOTTA DO BETTER.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Been so llll oooo ooong.. (SAING IT!) (c) Mystikal

Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 15... Phontigallo talks about Mike Vick, Kelis, and how to avoid getting "Nas'd." Good music, good convo. This definitely helped get me through the "afternoon stretch" at work...Check it out HEREEEEEE

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Update (c) SNL

A couple updated trailers for some movies that I previously posted...

Chris Rock's Good Hair

Inception in HD!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inception n. The beginning of something, such as an undertaking; a commencement

Even on bootleg this trailer looks AMAZING. What is it about? Some sci-fi-esque action film that takes place within the architecture of the mind... Vague? Most definitely so! Lol. Christopher Nolan how I love thee... There is so much mystery surrounding this film...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it lives up to the hype and will NOT disappoint! Hopefully they let some secrets out about it soon. Coming to theaters JULY 16, 2010... Grrrr, I have so long to wait :(

Friday, August 21, 2009


Since today marks my first full week as an Chi-town resident, I figured why not post a popular Chicago artist's song this week... Here's a lil Chicago group you may have heard of lol

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Song Title: Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Somehow I wouldn't have guessed (c) Semisonic

I like THESE! And they're WOMEN's shoes... That NEVER happens!

Nike 6.0 Blazer Mid Women’s in a red plum/vaporize colorway
Price: $70... AVAILABLE NOW! *Heads to shoe store after work* It's PAYDAY! Judge me not... Lol

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OOOOOH AHHHH sock it to me (c) Missy E.

We Gotta Do Better Wednesdays...

So, I've been getting on Irresponsible White People (IWP's) on Wednesdays for quite some time... I figured it was time to switch it up a lil bit and put some of my people under the microscope (as if we aren't enough... I KNOW I KNOW). But SOME nigra's coonsatiable actions cannot SOLELY be blamed on "the man" (or can they..? Hmmm... POSSIBLY, lol)... and I am not the type of individual that defends the actions of my fellow coloreds when they are blatantly WRONG *see Boondocks episode The Trial of R. Kelly Season 1* for proof of what we as a people should NOT do. So DBW will shed light on people that need to take responsibility for the role that they play in their actions because they are setting us back... And for the first installment we have...

Darius Chappille

Mr. Chappille allegedly exposed himself on a plane to a passenger beside him, and then when the passenger didn't respond to him as he would've liked... He punched her in the face! After punching the passenger apparently Darius became even more irrate and began running down the aisle of the plane slapping multiple other passengers. When police had arrived to take Mr. Chappille into custody he was completely buck-ed naked.

I'm familiar with people having a fear of rejection but SHEEZ! This was sooo not ballin.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So happy togetherrrrr (c) The Beatles

CHICAGO AT NIGHT!!! ...... Jealous yet?

Sowwie for neglecting my blog duties... My transition to the Chi has been a rather crazy one... I am happy to report that I am no longer beefin with the Red Line and am getting things together before Law School. I LOVE my job and the law students/lawyers I have met there. Matter of fact, the entire staff are pretty much AMAZING!!! I promise I will not forsake you again on the blog tip... I'm BACKKKKKK! Below are a few pics I've snapped over the course of the few days that I've been a Chi-Town resident...

Heading to the Chi... I had to sneak Keyser on the megabus. Lol. He was a good puppy :)

I hate that all the employees in this store ask everyone if they need help EXCEPT me... But I still stop here because they have great sales and cheap clothes (c) Shannon Simmons. They were nice to meeeeee.... AND I got some amazingly wonderful CHEAP shoes :)

I made some pretty amazing vinyl purchases thus far! Shoutout to Reckless Records!
*Disregard the dirty Vans in the background...

I smashhhhhhed this burger at Stella's Diner on N. Broadway b4 the Air and Water show :)

My weakness. Thank God these weren't sold in any grocery store I ever went 2 in Columbus... I really need to practice restraint while in the Chi.

I snapped a pic walkin pass Wrigley Field, headin home... What was I wearing? A Cardinals jersey... Yeah, I'm a jerk like that :-p StL HEAUX!

A random Bentley I saw walking home

I had to get a pic of the nigga that thought he was 'supa dupa fly' (c) Missy Elliot sportin the dress sandals with the THICK white dress socks lol.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Sooooo, I have a rather extensive film collection so I figured why not share my catalogue with the world... I decided that on every mid Monday of the month I will show you a movie in my collection that I think you need to experience and in turn, LOVE.

The FIRST Mid Month Movie Monday (tongue twister right?) isss...... MEMENTO (Yes, ANOTHER word that starts with an 'M') Check out the trailer below...

A lot of you may know Christopher Nolan from these two little movies he directed called Batman Begins and The Dark Knight... But this movie is what initially made me fall in love with him. What is it about? This guy that has issues with his memory and is trying to uncover the murder of his wife... But it's soooooo much more than that. CHECK IT OUT and let me know what you think! ;-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Break ya neck! (c) Busta Rhymes


I'm not gonna lie... If I saw these on a fella I might look twice...

Clae Russell's - Wool available now for $130 HERE

That girl looks like Scarlett! (c) Cel

After we got out of G.I. Joe... My drunken friend Marcel insisted on calling EVERY red head white girl Scarlett... the character from G.I. Joe.. He's RUDE, and fell in love with pseudo Scarlett's at least 10 times that night. Lol

My thoughts on G.I. Joe *no spoilers*

1. I am lookin for one of those super human suits on ebay...
2. Sienna Miller's walk was distracting, intense and extra. I blame that crazy bodice thing she was wearin
3. The Nano maker dude looks like Marilyn Manson and Keanu Reeves' love child, and he sounds like James Earl Jones with autotune
4. CGI > Plot
5. The twist was kinda wack/predictable.
6. I really liked the story behind Black Thunder and White Lightning
7. I should've seen Funny People.

2 out of 5 starts at BEST... See at your own risk... Just don't say I didn't warn ya!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Black people don't play guitar MIA (c) Dirty

Those that know me know about my obsession with Guitar Hero. I often make lil 10 year old children mad by beating them senseless while at Walmart/Best Buy... However, one random dude did ask me to sign his fingers once lol. My guy friends get kinda mad when I beat them, but I am by NO MEANS competing with @EasyTiger7 or @katimans (for all the tweeters out there)... THEY ARE FREAKS OF NATURE! But I have gotten loads better than my days back on 12th Ave. I bring to all my fellow Guitar Hero Fans.. INFO ABOUT GUITAR HERO 5... I have listed some songs that I am excited about being featured this go round. I can't wait until September!

I'm excited for...

"Bring the Noise 20XX" Public Enemy featuring Zakk Wylde
"Bullet with Butterfly Wings" The Smashing Pumpkins
"Comedown" Bush
"Du Hast" Rammstein
"Ex-Girlfriend" No Doubt
"Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz
"Gamma Ray" Beck
"In My Place" Coldplay
"Incinerate" Sonic Youth
"Hungry Like the Wolf"cDuran Duran
"Kryptonite" 3 Doors Down
"Only Happy When It Rains" Garbage
"Play That Funky Music" Wild Cherry
"Ring of Fire" Johnny Cash
"The Rock Show" Blink-182
"Runnin' Down a Dream" Tom Petty
"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" Elton John
"Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon
"Shout It Out Loud" Kiss
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana
"So Lonely" The Police
"Song 2" Blur
"Sowing Season (Yeah)" Brand New
"Superstition" Stevie Wonder

"Sympathy for the Devil" The Rolling Stones
"Under Pressure" Queen and David Bowie
"What I Got" Sublime

"Why Bother?" Weezer
"You and Me" Attack! Attack!
"You Give Love a Bad Name" Bon Jovi

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer in the City (c) Nelly


Artist: The Clipse ft. Pharrell
Song Title: I'm Good

So summer's winding down... :-/ This video will make you wish summer were all year round! ***Disclaimer, do not watch during winter months, depression will ensue**

Friday, August 7, 2009


Artist: Edo G ft. Masta Ace, Pete Rock
Song Title: Wishing

I know you wanna call me insane/I'm a dreamer.

<3 this song! :)

* For those that can't figure out why this song rings a bell....It got some love on Season 1's Return of the King episode of The Boondocks

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Were your fingers brokeeeee? (c) Aaliyah

I must admit that this website is pretty entertaining. I'm sure you can relate...Come onnnnn, I know you have sent a text out that you wish you hadn't, got yourself caught up like Kwame Kilpatrick (see THIS blog post if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about). This website is comprised of BLD (bad life decisions) in text form. Enjoy... Check it out HERE

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Michelle Belliveau

A Wisconsin man got caught up! He was planning on having a rendez vous with one of his lovers only to open the motel room door and see his wife plus three other females. Why is HE not the IWP this week? Oh, he definitely was in the running, but Michelle gets the title for having glued the mans penis to his stomach. Now all of the women are facing criminal charges. What's even more strange about this? All the women in the room were romantically linked to the man... EXCEPT Michelle... Odd....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I must say it's weird seeing Jeremy Maclin evolve into this FANTASTICAL wide receiver when it seems like just yesterday I watched him play in High School against my lil bro. Congrats to my fellow StL-ian for after MUCH deliberation acquiring a 5 year 15.5 mill (9.5 guaranteed) contract!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Suddenly my worlds gone and changed its fate/But I still know where I'm going (c) Stephanie Mills

Going away partayyyyy Part 1: The Lou! Kicked it with my fam and friends... My Aunt Brigitte learned how to do the Booty Do, Swag Surf, AND the stanky leg... Such a hot mess it was... But good times! CAN YOU SAY CHI CITY (c) Yeezy... 9 DAYSSS!!!! :)

The reunion hug... My Uncle William TOTALLY played my cousin Siera and walked pass her when she tried to get a hug from him earlier

My Uncle Milton was driving me CRAZYYYY trying to get a pic of me... My cousins Marrissa (the newlywed) and Siera are in the background

Marrissa and Siera take 2

My Uncle Brian, my cousin Briana (yes that is a tutu... JUDGE HER NOT!), and my Aunt LaTrenda

My Aunt Brigitte (AKA Anita Baker), Bri, and Aunt Tren

The "grown folks" table

Part 2..

Buh bye Columbusssssss :)

No comment.


You get the point.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's this about it being on a boat or something? (c) KayCee

Haha, Live on the Levee is NOT on a boat... However it is on the StL landing, which is something like a beach with no sand.... I chronicled a small portion of the AMAZINGNESS that was the conclusion of StL's Live on the Levee festivities...I also found some cool pics/clips online... I get too into the concert to remember to take pics lol

Photos I did NOT take... I got these photos HERE

I love my city! Isn't the reflection of the arch purrrty?

This woman was kickinnnn it!

Black Spade and friends passed these out for members of the crowd to wear during his performance

Rockwell Knuckles, Black Spade (the opening performer), and Tef Poe alllll local talent. StL STAND UP!!!

Rockwell Knuckles performing his most recently released song Government Name (Spontaneous Lover)

Lupe and Bishop G

My Pics :)
My VIP/Backstage/Meet and Greet Pass... What can I say...? There are a FEW perks when your Mom works in radio. My Mom is better than yours :-p

I dunno why my best friend Richard took a pic of the VIP bathrooms...

Bishop G acting silly

Lu running on stage

Bishop G clowning with security. He's a riotttt

My video recording of Lu performing "The Instrumental" this is what he opened with :)

Someone got a vid of him performing Army Girl off of L.A.S.E.R.S... I have a G1 so my phone died wayyyyy before he performed this (those with a G1 understand how horrible the battery life is)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Say it ain't soooooo (c) Weezer

RIP Baatin :(

First JayDee now you... :-/ Blastin Slum Village ALLLLLLLL day. Enjoy one of my fav Slum Village songs/videos below