Monday, May 11, 2009

Let me ugrade you... (c) Mrs. Carter

So, I have heard rumors about this ultra exclusive sneaker shop in Chicago, and I am happy to see that shed a little light to help ease my nosiness... well, slightly.

Aficionado in Chicago caters to the TRUE sneakerhead... Rewarding those very few that have waited in ridiculous lines for kicks on the regular; regardless of the weather, bills, responsibilities, rent, child support payments... ok, ok you get the point. This spot is only for those dedicated individuals... I wanna be dooo ooo oooownnnn (c) Brandy. How do you enter this realm of exclusivity you ask? The representative from Aficionado left the interviewer with these five words only: "To be one, ask one." Unfortunately, this does not help neither you or I in the least bit. :-/


Oscar Castillo Aka Wreckinkickz said...

LOL watup. This is Oscar aka Wreckinkickz from sneakerfiles. I appreciate the love fam. thank You

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MEEZY said...

no prob Oscar... thanks for stoppin by!!! :)