Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I would like to have.... (c) Dave Chappelle

...THE CHICKEN!!! (c) Some restaurant worker in Mississippi

Away message: At the Gym...
Brandon: (2:00:53 PM): stop lying
Me (2:32:21 PM): What you mean? Lol
Brandon (2:32:26 PM):
Brandon (2:32:32 PM): u not in no gym
Brandon (2:32:34 PM): lying ass
Me (2:32:42 PM): Uh huhhhh I was!
Brandon (2:32:51 PM): i dont believe it
Me (2:32:54 PM): That's why I ain't reply... HATER. Stop trying to bring me down... I'm attempting to BETTER MYSELF!
Brandon (2:33:30 PM): whatever
Me (2:34:06 PM): Grrrr
Me (2:34:07 PM): Lol
Brandon (2:34:15 PM): just get ya chicken
Me (2:34:30 PM): No, that is not part of the sexy summer body diet
Me (2:34:55 PM): But I am a colored...
Me (2:35:24 PM): And I do have a predisposition to likin chicken... So I may have to make an exception
Brandon (2:35:57 PM): its free too
Brandon (2:36:02 PM): and u know niggas love free
Me (2:36:13 PM): Word.
Brandon (2:37:03 PM): yep
Me (2:38:10 PM): And it's grilled, which wouldn't be TOO bad for my SSB diet
Brandon (2:39:57 PM): exactly
Brandon (2:40:02 PM): so u can maintain ur sexy
Brandon (2:40:13 PM): and satisfy the nigger hidden deep inside
mamamia6785 (2:40:53 PM): But I'll probably just go for the sides and biscuit... Because I don't mess around with Kentucky Fried Goose... Look at me... Just like a nigra, it's free and I still ain't satisfied.

GO GET YOUR FREE CHICKEN!!! Oprah is trying REALLY hard to get her black card back... Take advantage

Just for old time sake....
Dave Chappelle - Black People and Chicken