Thursday, April 2, 2009

MORE! MORE! MORE! How do ya like it? How do ya like it? (c) Andrea True

It has been confirmed.... May 28, 2010 is when we will all be graced with Sex and the City 2. Now, I must admit that I am a Sex and the City fan... As you saw on my "25 Random Things About Me" post... (if you haven't CLICK HERE) I have been watching the show since the 8th grade. However even I realize that there comes a time when things must end, and I'm okay with that. The show was great, the movie was pretty good (aside from Jennifer Hudson's slave like character... "Ms. Bradshaw can i's a shines ya shoes and fixes up yo's life for ya?") Perhaps I read too into the character because she was from St. Louis, as am I and females from the Lou tend to get a bad wrap. Anyway, I will see this movie, because I am a fan... so I suppose I am one of the reasons this shall continue... Once the money stops, the show spin-offs will stop... On second thought, perhaps I'll just cop a bootleg.