Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Senator Jack Hatch

This Iowa Senator told Representative Ako Abdul-Samad that legislators were treating them both like niggers. Yup, you read right... Mr. Hatch thought that he was "down" enough to throw the good 'ole n-word around in the presence of another African-American. He later apologized saying that he was angry after House leaders in a closed-door meeting decided to remove pieces from a health care bill without telling them. I find it interesting that this gentleman THINKS he knows what being treated like a nigger feels like... Seeing as though he has been privileged pretty much his entire life... You think you know Mr. Hatch, but you have NO IDEA! Bold ain't he?


Anonymous said...

is there a difference betw a nigga and a nigger? and which did he use?

but more importantly, democrats have a history of being the racist party and opposing all integration efforts but this is the first i ever heard of this & i just stumbled upon it looking for something else on a different Hatch - where was the media on this issue? Samad didn't seem to care...the media didn't care, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton & the race baiting crew don't care - what's the big deal yo?

Anonymous said...

Samad was offended by the statement...Here is the article... Check it out:

This post had nothing to do with democrats or replublicans, in fact Hatch's party affiliation was never discussed by the author so whether or not democrats or republicans have historically been more racist is irrelevant. The dilemma here wasn't the fact that he used the word nigger, it is obvious that "black person" would have been more "politcally correct" than the word he chose, but apparently he was upset and let his emotions affect his speech. The issue here was the fact that he attempted to empathize with a people that he couldn't possibly begin to empathize with. Not that every black person is able to relate to the notion of being treated like a nigger, but they are able to empathize a lot better than a privileged white man.

here is the full article... check it out