Saturday, March 7, 2009

The medium is the message (c) Brian Vaughn

Couldn't have said it better myself...

I saw The Watchmen, and as I predicted... It didn't translate on film as I had hoped. I was somewhat entertained, but that was mostly because I am such an avid fan of the novel. But hey, I couldn't NOT see it! It was just too much to try and cram into a film... There is nothing like uncovering the story page by page as your eyes scan through the multiple story panels. The way you absorb the novel is such a big part of its appeal, and that's just something that you can't attain while watching it through a movie screen. I could go on and on but I dare not bore you with my comic book nerd rants... GO SEE IT FOR YOURELF!!! :-p


leandra said...

I completely agree. I was into it only because I knew everything already. For a viewer coming to the story for the first time, I imagine it had to be kind of generic and flat. ONLY because all the depth of the story has to be omitted. The movie would've had to be about 1-2 hours longer to catch all of it.

It really is such a great story; I encourage people to read the story and skip the movie, really. I was pissed, though, that they turned them into superheroes. What was that? They're supposed to be REGULAR people! They're not superhuman fast or strong; maybe faster or stronger than the average person, but that's supposed to be it. Not punching through walls, breaking granite counters with your fist, or catching bullets with your hand. That's nonsense.

You know DC made an animated movie for that story in the comic the kid who used to hang out at the newstand was reading? Came out Tuesday.