Saturday, February 28, 2009

Don't tell me it's over (c) Gym Class Heroes

Well, this is the last day of Black History Month, and as a result I would like to share a Black History Month '04 story with you...
So... I arrive at the mall with my white friend Rob. We are walking around the mall, window shopping mostly... We were broke college students at the time lol. Initially the only reason we had gone to the mall is because in typical negro fashion I needed to use his discount. Rob worked at the Kauffman's and I REALLY wanted these white pumps that I saw there for half the price. So, we get there I pick out what I want and the Sales Associate gets everything and totals me up (I ended up getting THREE pairs of shoes instead of one... I told you much earlier that I have a problem.) Rob then tells the Brendan (the Sales Associate) that I will be using his discount to buy the shoes. The Sales Associate immediately looks at Rob and tells him that the discount is only applicable if he is purchasing something for HIMSELF or family. So, being the ridiculous person that I am I acted offended and immediately directed Brendan's attention to the RING that I had on, and he apologized profusely. Rob and I walked out of the store holding hands and giggling the whole walk out. Then, as we left the mall... Still holding hands, we walked past a black woman who said loudly "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT... AND IT'S BLACK HISTORY MONTH!" So being that I have a big time Napoleon complex I said loudly... I hate when people that more than likely don't even know their own history, judge others about what they are doing. I then went up to her, asked her who Sojourner Truth is, she stood looking flabbergasted, and I walked away... Now whenever Rob and I hang out he insists that I hold his hand. It's quite funny to see people's reactions.