Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't give in to peer pressure! (c) D.A.R.E

Well I clearly failed that test, to an extent... I am gonna give in to the quadrillions of people that tagged me to the '25 Random Things About Me' note on facebook. However, you know I had to put my own little twist on it. So instead, I will be giving you 26 things about me... (I'm such a rebel) See, I DID NOT CONFORM! ENJOY!!

1. I like my left foot more than my right foot... My right foot is just weird

2. When I was younger I would tell people that I wanted to be an actress, a singer, and a lawyer. My mother quickly told me that I could not sing... I wish I could sing sooooo badly and I know I can't, but boy do I try (AMAZINGGGGG GRACE *inside joke)

3. The only time in my life that I have broken a bone was when I went snowboarding (I still have two screws in my ankle and was worried that I would always beep when I went through a metal detector because of it... but, they're stainless steel :-p)

4. My hair is 100% natural... I just have a KILLER flat iron

5. I play 4 instruments, but only those closest to me have ever heard me play a note (I secretly dream of being in a band)

6. If by some odd chance I woke up and were white... I would hope to be a red head.

7. I have been blessed with the ability to make people laugh and often write jokes for a couple of people that I know that are stand up comedians.

8. I am uber secretive... My facebook page is pretty cryptic. I figure, those that matter know what's going on in my life and those that want to know should just ask... I MIGHT tell them... I also have trouble asking for help (Example: My car hasn't started in over a week, and I dunno what the heck is wrong with it.. I have told practically no one, but me and the bus have been kickin it HARD son!)

9. I have an unhealthy relationship with reading, music, hats, guitar hero, shoes, comic books, and Tim Burton.

10. My best female friend (I'm a Gemini so I have one bestfriend for each personality lol)nd I have two loves.. calling each other biatch and old nickelodeon tv shows. Hence, we nicknamed each other Bia and Bia (after the show adventures of Pete and Pete :)

11. I have a Nintendo DS whose name is Adamantium Rex and I want a Macbook so bad it hurts to look at them! I already have a name picked out for him when he is finally mine; Banksy Lee*

12. In high school my friend B and I were the authors of a real life Mean Girls-esque 'burn book.' Our principle found and confiscated it. I really want that back...

13. I started watching Sex and the City in the 8th grade (Nia Seymour and I were avid fans at a young age) and freshman year of college (the last season) I downloaded each episode a week after it aired because we didn't have HBO in the dorms.

14. When I was in the 6th grade I told my mom 'I want to be a stripper because I want to make men happy'

15. (Ironically seeing as though #14 would suggest otherwise) I'm a virgin.

16. I love the show 'Queer as Folk.' A friend of mine from high school named Danielle was the only other heterosexual black female I knew that watched the show...

17. My younger brother and I have the weirdest sib relationship I've ever encountered... We tell each other EVERYTHING... no censors lol.

18. I've always been a weirdo, but I distinctly remember the ONLY time that I've tried to hide it... I went to go buy an Alanis Morisette cd at lunch in high school and came back and accidentally dropped it on the table. When I started getting ridiculed for it, I lied and said I got it for my Mom.

19. My mom has worked in radio for as long as I've been alive, so I've met a lot of stars; from Immature/IMX/WUTEV to Whitney Houston... from DL Hughley to TLC... WILL SMITH LEFT ME A VOICEMAIL... that I have saved to a cd lol. That being said, because of this I never really get star struck.

20. In high school a friend used to call me 'Baby Pharrell' and I secretly/perhaps not so secretly long for a skateboard p of my very own... However, my taste in the opposite sex is pretty random... see HERE for proof

21. I have friends that believe I was a nazi killer in a previous life.

22. Even though I'm 'doing the law school thing' I haven't decided if I'm actually going to practice law... I've always been obsessed with the law, and I love school... that's why I had 50 million majors lol. I'm an indecisive nerd, so if I could be a full time student all my life and live comfortably... I would do it.

23. I don't like sweets very much... but for about 4 months of my life I was obsessed with birthday cake. When I was about 15 I would have my mom buy birthday cakes from the grocery store for my enjoyment... if I was offered ANY other sweets I refused.

24. I have always loved fashion, sometimes I wish I could have added art on to my long list of majors... or dance. I like to dance... lol.

25. My most common facebook message (outside of those stupid event invitations) is... "How is your mom doing?" I have accepted that she will ALWAYS be cooler than me.

26. I know BY HEART all of Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven

*BONUS* Three people have my name/alias tattooed on their body...

*Two points to you if you can figure out why I wanna name my mac that