Sunday, December 28, 2008

til we lose ____ (insert control here but Yeezy couldn't hit the note) (c) Ye

Ahhhh hahahahaha. I wish the actual performance wasn't taken down... It is pure comedy!


T. McClerklin said...

Bia I am so glad you found this clip in the depths of hell where Kanye and his bitch ass lawyers tried to hide it. Oh but little do they know that there are GENIUS bloggers who realize that when the cockiest Nigga on the block pulls an Ashlee Simpson on SNL, THE WHOLE WORLD is entitled to watch laugh and JUDGE!!! Dearest lame negro Kanye... Stick to your sick shoe game!

Now the whole world sees what i see,
Finally Vindicated "NON" Kanye Fan

DBKlothing said...

HATERS!!! tha performance was pretty bad tho. lol but my diehard fanhood will not allow me to turn against the man who has provided the world with so much good music!