Sunday, December 28, 2008

Facebook Fun

Ignant Nigga is at tha gig, money dont sleep neitha can i, gotta get up lace up da nikes n start tha paper chase. 10:50pm - 5 Comments

Meezy at 10:50pm December 27
Nikes? Just like a coon.

Ignant Nigga at 10:53pm December 27 via Facebook Mobile Texts
lol u already kno brand loyality 2 nike is genetically coded n 2 our dna

Meezy at 10:56pm December 27
Just like our love for chicken, and strawberry watermelon flavored soda; resulting in high blood pressure and diabetes... Even the creator hated niggas.

Ignant Nigga at 10:58pm December 27 via Facebook Mobile
lol precisely nigga y do u think we're born with bad credit and a criminal record

Meezy at 12:29am December 28 via Facebook Mobile
If those weren't the truest words ever spoken..I don't even qualify for rent a center