Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where yo @$$ been (c) M. Keez

So to the three people that read this blog I apologize for the lack of updates lately... I've been in an orgasmic-like state ever since Mr. Obama was elected, but I am better now and back in FULL force. So while on hiatus I have thought of a few things that I can bring to the blog.... I realize that I give niggas a hard time, and even though 99.9% of the time they do deserve it, I can't be one sided. To even out the playing field I've decided to incorporate 'Irresponsible White Person Wednesday' so be on the lookout for the first installment of that on the 26th **Hint** it's gonna be an oldie but goodie.

Also while on my break I've had a couple of people write in for my 'Inside the Mind of a Man' segment to have their questions answered, so here are a couple of those...

Oooooh I think he like me writes:
Is there a sign r signs that let u know if a guy likes you. i like a guy and i think he likes me but im not sure and i don't wanna tell him i like him and he doesnt feel tha same and thatll ruin everythin we have

Male #1's opinion (watered down truth)
hmm...that's a tough one. if he never talks to you about women he's interested in, yet probes you about guys from time to time, then i'd say he's interested. he doesn't want to tell you about any females and let you think that he's not interested in you, and he asks you about other guys cuz he wants to know if his options are there. also...look out for any small gestures. one of the big ways to know if a guy is into you as more than a friend or not is small gestures. does he do something that leaves you saying, "that was really nice. he really didn't even have to do that." cuz guys won't go out of their way to do something that they weren't asked to do unless they're trying to make a point

Male #2's opinion (pure unadulterated ignance)
Do you know his friends? Does he know yours? Do you go out in public? And if so is it during peak hours? Does he call when he says he will, or at all? And lastly why do you think he likes you? These questions will give you a lot of insight into the nature of your relationship. If you don't know his friends than your just a secret jumpoff, and that's a dead end road. If you know his friends but he doesn't really care to know yours, then he isn't planning on making any strong ties to you, I mean if he was wouldn't he care to know the ppl you like most? If you never go out in public than you should already know whats up and if you go out but its only on week nites, or weekends when the sun is out, you're a jump off. If he doesn't call, its prolly because youre not on his mind. Its really that simple. Guys aren't that difficult to figure out, but if you think he likes you because you go to dinner once a week or something, think about how many times you go out and don't get it in afterward? If you seem to end up spending nite everytime you go out, he may just be trained to know that a meal means sex.

Hoe to a housewife writes:
Could u ask ur male accomplices what they look for in a significant other. I've been single for a while, and I've had a couple hook ups every now and then but I'm looking for a relationship, so I wanted to know what they look for in a girlfriend instead of a hook up and would they ever consider turnin a hook up into a girlfriend

Male #1's opinion
First off...a REAL guy wants a girl that makes him work a lil. not to the point where they begin to feel like it's a lost effort, but just enough to keep them coming back for more. and really....what a guy wants is someone who is just a good match. we don't want someone who is gonna b sweatin us every time we miss a phone call. and we don't want someone who seems unstable and clingy. just be cool and go with the flow of the relationship without trying to rush it into something it's not.

Male #2's opinion
The problem is shes looking for a relationship. Men can sense that just like dogs smell fear. If we know youre seeking out a relationship then we're going to be turned off. Especially if you a hook up cause truth be told, after ppl done hooked up with you, u lose all the luster and shine that attracts ppl to new toys in the first place. And that's really how you have to look at a new toy, a car even. What is going to make you stand out amongst all the newer models once you've been driven all crazy?

... Ladies, you have any other questions you need a male opinion on? Shoot 'em my way at Males? Wonderin 'What they really want from a nigga?' (c) DMX... You can direct your inquiries to me as well :)