Monday, October 27, 2008

Those with self-esteem need not apply (c) Phontizzle

The 'Jump-off' post got several rave reviews so I've decided to follow it up with discussion on the 'After 9 Relationship.' What is the After 9 relationship you ask? It could be a situation that you are in right now and just don't know it. The After 9 relationship is a figurative relationship that only exists in your head. Meaning, to the person that you THINK you're in this relationship with, it doesn't exist...

Some tell-tale signs that you're in an After 9 Relationship...
1. You check your call log and realize the nigga has NEVER used a daytime minute on you.
2. Your text message inbox runneth over, but your incoming call list is lacking representation from 'your boo.'
3. You have never been introduced to any of your significant others friends.
4. His idea of a date is a blockbuster night followed by '15 minutes of passion on his momma's futon.' (c) Phontigallo
5. You two are rarely/never seen together in public places...
6. You are very familiar with the late night menu at the local 24 hour eateries... This is primarily because the only time you two actually grab a meal together is after normal dinner hours and you have a $5 limit.
7. You have never spent the night over your significant others house or vice versa.
8. His idea of quality time is coming over after he gets out of the club.
9. You call your 'boo,' get the voicemail and then he responds with a text message...

So ladies... if more than one of these signs apply to you... 'You are NOT his GIRLFRIEND' (c) Chris Rock. Don't lie to yourself any longer and accept the role you played in this deception.