Sunday, October 12, 2008

Billy Tan you've changed! (c) random comic con exhibitor

Here are incriminating pics of me engaging in some nerdy activities... For those of you that don't know, I will oblige you with some Mid-Ohio-Con knowledge...
Mid-Ohio-Con is a convention that occurs annually in Columbus, Ohio. It is a direct play off of Comic-Con which is the mother of all comic book conventions (well in the US of A at least. Tokyo, Japan's Comiket boasts four times the mere 125,000 attendees that San Diego brings), Comic-Con like Mid-Ohio-Con is an annual event, with the exception that it is in Cali, and NOT Columbus.
Now this convention is not just for comic book nerds. They have several video game enthusiasts that attend, they also have an Indie Film Festival for the movie love, not to mention manga, anime, and collectible card games as well. *Note, I did say that it wasn't solely for COMIC BOOK nerds... but it is definitely for nerds in general.* But anyway, with the ridiculous boom of the comic book inspired movie; Ironman, Hancock, Transformers, V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight, The Watchmen (MY FAVORITE GRAPHIC NOVEL EVERRRR can't wait for March '09), to name a FEW...there is bound to be something for even the not so typical nerd to enjoy... So mark your calendar for next year if you're in the C-bus area between Oct. 3-4, 2009 because more than likely I'll be there... SO YOU SHOULD BE TOO! ;-)

Me posing for the camera... Yeah, yeah I SHOULD be volunteering but I'm a nigga so I had to take some time to enjoy the benefits that my 'free pass' helped me to attain

My fellow nerd/friend Marcel and CHRIS CLAREMONT! This man (not the nigga on the left) has been writing the storyline for X-Men for the past 35 years, so if you enjoyed any of the movies or tv shows then you are a fan of his

The JOKERRR.. This dude tried to stab Marcel... lol

Yup, that is me sitting in the Billy Tan booth... What can I say? I'm the worst volunteer EVER! I can't tell you how many people came up and asked me for my autograph. They seemed shocked that someone by the name of 'Billy Tan' was a 5 foot black woman... THOSE RACIST BASTARDS!

Some sketches from each of the Mid-Ohio-Con exhibitors :)
This concludes my picture documentary of my trip to lame-land... Please, don't judge me.