Friday, September 12, 2008

Put a lil T-Pain on my ish too... (c) JIGGA

Well after wasting two hours and some change of my life that I cannot get back watching the VMA's I had an epiphany. What did 99.9% of the songs and videos that were nominated and won have in common? NO, not that they were bad, even though that answer implies as well. A DAG ON SYNTHESIZER. I need one, and therefore since this is the only thing preventing me from achieving celebrity... I need to work on selling my body to attain one. However, as I dug deeper and tried to figure out how I could actually acquire a synthesizer I was baffled to find out that what I wanted wasn't a synthesizer at all... It's actually called an auto-tune device... Let me drop some knowledge so you all are not as ignorant as I was...

The auto tune device is an audio tool that uses a phase vocoder (a cool little thing that gives the pitch a digital type of effect) to perfect the pitch in both vocal and instrumental performances. So basically it's perfect for me because not only will this device correct my horrendous pitch imperfections, but it will also make me sound pseudo talented by adding a robot-like affect. LOOK OUT HOLLYWOOD, I'm getting one... Look for me on the VMA'S in '09 :) You should too... I mean all the cool kids are doing it. I know if you watched the VMA'S you saw Kanye's performace... He was representin for the auto tune SON! Rumor has it his new CD coming out some time in December is gonna be filled with abuse of the device, so get used to it... CAUSE THIS THING AIN'T GOIN NO WHERE!

Here's a link... READ MORE ABOUT IT, it really is kinda fascinating... ---->

PS Not even a auto tuner could help Rhianna's 'Disturbia' performance... but SHEEZ it was worth a shot, perhaps she should have researched the device for the occasion...

PSS BRITNEY SPEARS WON THREE AWARDS!?!?!? COME ON... I mean I understand MTV was trying to 'build Britney up' but hell, give that hoe ONE undeserving award... not THREE. If anything she shoulda got an award years ago for... I'm a SLAVEEEEEEEEEEEE for you. That video was hot *no homo*