Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I walk wit a waddle (c) Gorilla Zoe

Wow, 5 months later and it's time for my second post. Starting now, I will be wayyyyy more regular with this whole 'blog' thing. I just couldn't really think of anything in particular that I wanted to discuss... UNTIL NOW... I was once told that I should make my aim away messages into a novel, because they are so ridiculous... so that's what I'm gonna use this blog for, I hope you enjoy the random discussions I engage in with people coupled with my rants about; fashion, music, and the world in general....

The random convo for today between my brother and I goes something like this...
Me: Scroll down and look at those supras
STLKID314: Dem hella tite
STLKID314: U finna get those
Me: Yeah
Me: I want them
STLKID314: Yea dem hella tite
STLKID314: I wish I had buy a lot of clothes an stuff
Me: Me too
STLKID314: U have two jobs mia
Me: But I have bills
STLKID314: Yea dis is true....sell crack...yo next door neighbor is
STLKID314: I think ima start slangin dem rocks....gotta make dat money mane
Me: Haha, I'm supportive
Me: put me on
STLKID314: Yes sir....
STLKID314: Jus make sure u slick....don't wanna get caught by da boyz
Me: I'll be slick, don't you worry
STLKID314: Iight....cram da rocks in yo butt crack dat way nobody will eva find dem
Me: Why can't u cram da rocks in yo butt crack
Me: This is discrimination
STLKID314: Are you serious? Nigga that's gay.

...Hmmm now I don't know if this is an appropriate conversation I as a 23 year old should be having with my 19 year old brother, but hey. It's in the name of fashion right?

*Disclaimer* I am not 100% positive that my neighbor sells crack.... HOWEVER, I do see some tell tale signs of such antics ie... the token benz's and escalades randomly in the driveway after 11, and the fact that he owns a shoe store down the street from our home that is only open three hours a day and has had the same shoes in the display since I moved here practically a year ago. I'm just sayin, I watch 'Weeds' on Showtime every week and I know a 'cover up business' when I see one. Call me a judger if you want... I'm not judgin', I just want my cut, that's all. Help a strugglin fashionista out my nigga.