Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm tired of bein a nigga, I need to upgrade (c) Marcel Glenn

Well, seeing as though I was going to write about the DNC (Democratic National Convention for all you remedial folk out there reading) today I couldn't help but incorporate my dear friend Marcel in the tag line. Wow this has been an amazing convention. I must say I am truly in awe watching history be made. I mean you can say what you want about Mr. B. Hussein Obama but I know in my 23 years on this Earth I have NEVER seen as many people in my immediate social circle as interested in politics as they are this election... And I was a Political Science major that was/am around uber politic lovin lames all the time (hey I'm one too so essentially I'm talking about myself as well :-p) so that says A LOT!

For some people seeing is believing, and Barack is making us as African-Americans take a look at ourselves and think 'Hey why CAN'T we be President?' which is an amazing feat. Now I am in no why shape or form stating that this is the first time that we as a race has posed ourselves this question, it's just the first time is history that attaining such a goal is remotely feasible...

But, enough about politics for today... I have to cut this discussion a little short because I have some things that I need to tend to. However, I shall leave you with a tune... An oldie but a goodie if I do say so myself that pretty much sums up my mood for today. Sure being the President is great, but power in the wrong hands can be a dangerous thing. It is one thing to have power, but what you do with said power is truly what dictates greatness. The Flobots address this topic in their song Handlebars... and I pretty much am in love with them so check out They are doing what I would love to do one day... Getting people engaged in civic involvement through music. I tip my hat to you flobots! :)

The Flobots... Handlebars video

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I like GOSPEL!!! (c) Latarian Milton

BILL MAHER IS BACK TOMORROW!!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...

Shout out to Mr. Key for the hilariousity that is this phone interview...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I walk wit a waddle (c) Gorilla Zoe

Wow, 5 months later and it's time for my second post. Starting now, I will be wayyyyy more regular with this whole 'blog' thing. I just couldn't really think of anything in particular that I wanted to discuss... UNTIL NOW... I was once told that I should make my aim away messages into a novel, because they are so ridiculous... so that's what I'm gonna use this blog for, I hope you enjoy the random discussions I engage in with people coupled with my rants about; fashion, music, and the world in general....

The random convo for today between my brother and I goes something like this...
Me: Scroll down and look at those supras
STLKID314: Dem hella tite
STLKID314: U finna get those
Me: Yeah
Me: I want them
STLKID314: Yea dem hella tite
STLKID314: I wish I had buy a lot of clothes an stuff
Me: Me too
STLKID314: U have two jobs mia
Me: But I have bills
STLKID314: Yea dis is true....sell crack...yo next door neighbor is
STLKID314: I think ima start slangin dem rocks....gotta make dat money mane
Me: Haha, I'm supportive
Me: put me on
STLKID314: Yes sir....
STLKID314: Jus make sure u slick....don't wanna get caught by da boyz
Me: I'll be slick, don't you worry
STLKID314: Iight....cram da rocks in yo butt crack dat way nobody will eva find dem
Me: Why can't u cram da rocks in yo butt crack
Me: This is discrimination
STLKID314: Are you serious? Nigga that's gay.

...Hmmm now I don't know if this is an appropriate conversation I as a 23 year old should be having with my 19 year old brother, but hey. It's in the name of fashion right?

*Disclaimer* I am not 100% positive that my neighbor sells crack.... HOWEVER, I do see some tell tale signs of such antics ie... the token benz's and escalades randomly in the driveway after 11, and the fact that he owns a shoe store down the street from our home that is only open three hours a day and has had the same shoes in the display since I moved here practically a year ago. I'm just sayin, I watch 'Weeds' on Showtime every week and I know a 'cover up business' when I see one. Call me a judger if you want... I'm not judgin', I just want my cut, that's all. Help a strugglin fashionista out my nigga.